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Dave Ramsey recommends paying off loans with the lowest balance first. It is often easier mentally and emotionally to stay on track. You build momentum quickly and feel great about the progress you make.

This strategy is not recommended, but it is interesting to use for comparison with the Lowest Balance First strategy.

Paying off loans with the highest interest rate first will often save you the most money, but it is also the hardest to stay disciplined with since it takes longer to feel any effect. That's why it is not recommended.

This is not a recommended strategy. This method is offered as a counter-point to the Highest Interest Rate strategy to show how much of a difference the order makes.

This is never a good idea. Only paying the minimum payments could keep you in debt forever. It is included here for comparison with other payoff strategies.

Find debts that will be easy to pay off and maximize your extra payments to add the most to your snowball for the next loan. It's easier emotionally than the Highest Interest Rate strategy and usually quicker than the Lowest Balance strategy.

This method finds debt that is both easy to pay off and adds the most to your snowball for the next loan. It is emotionally easier than the Highest Interest Rate strategy, and faster than the Lowest Balance strategy.

Enter your debts & extra payments.

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Enter your debt and extra payment information. Click the Add Another Debt button to add multiple debts. Enter the extra payment amount you can make monthly. Click the Add Extra Payment to add a single large extra payment at a scheduled billing period. Use the red X button to remove a debt or an extra payment.

When you are finished entering your details, select a payment strategy and click the Calculate button.

The chart gives you a picture of your payoff progress for each debt. You can see the date you will be debt free, the amount of total interest you will have paid, and a Payoff Plan that lists the order in which you should payoff the debt according to the payment strategy you have chosen.

How It Works

The Worth It Debt Calculator uses data you enter to calculate a payment plan. The calculations are limited to monthly billing periods providing a rough estimate for interest and your payoff date.


The information you provide is completely private. All data and calculations are kept on this device. No information is transmitted to or stored by Crossroads servers.