Get a plan to get control of your money.

As part of the Worth It journey, our goal is for 1,000 adults to go through Financial Peace University.

Financial Peace University

We all need a plan for our money. This plan works!

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9-week course that provides practical application for implementing God’s plan for money in your life. The class is for anyone, whether you are struggling, stable or on solid financial ground. The average family pays off $5300 in debt and saves $2700 within the first 90 days.

Lessons Include:

  1. Super Saving: The Baby Steps and reasons to save
  2. Relating with Money: Communicate and work together managing money
  3. Cash Flow Planning: Taking control of managing your money
  4. Dumping Debt: Debunking of common debt myths and how to get out of debt
  5. Buyer Beware: The power and influence of marketing on everyday buying decisions
  6. The Role of Insurance: What you need and don’t need
  7. Retirement and College Planning: Figuring out the best retirement plan and how to graduate your kids debt free
  8. Real Estate and Mortgages: The ins and outs of mortgages and how to win when buying a home
  9. The Great Misunderstanding: How generous giving can revolutionize your finances

When: Various times during the week.
Cost: FPU membership is $100 (couples share one membership)
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The Legacy Journey

The Legacy Journey is a seven-week, biblically based class that teaches you how to truly live and leave a legacy for generations to come. This class will lead you deeper into investing, basic estate planning, purposeful living, safeguarding your legacy, and discovering the keys to generational wealth and true generosity. Through video teaching, class discussions and interactive small-group activities, you’ll learn a biblical framework for living intentionally now so that later you’ll be able to leave a legacy that will secure your family’s future and make a lasting impact on the world around you.

The Legacy Journey classes meet for around an hour and a half each week for seven weeks.

When: Sundays at 3:30 PM in Manteca
Cost: Legacy Journey membership is $100 (couples share one membership)

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The Legacy Journey consists of seven power-packed lessons that will change your family tree forever. These lessons cover topics such as:

  • The pros and cons of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities
  • Making wise choices when investing in real estate
  • How much is enough for you?
  • How to live a legacy with your family
  • Protecting relationships
  • Basic estate planning
  • The keys to generational wealth